Employee Benefits Programs

Employee benefits programs are vital to hiring and retaining top talent.  Recruitment can be a competitive business in itself.  Employers often have the ability to provide their employees with certain employee benefits to secure high caliber recruits and to give their employees more security not only in their work but also personal lives.

When a job applicant is considering accepting a position with a prospective employer it’s important to take into consideration not only the job description and the payroll package but also any other incentive packages the employer is offering.  Some of these benefits will be performance based, optional or part of the employment contract.

Large businesses and corporations usually have such employee benefits outlined in an employee handbook which will be given in detail once you are employed.  Other companies may offer discounts and benefits on their products which you’ll be aware of before accepting a position.

A health plan, dental plan or medical insurance policy is one of the most common employee benefits programs being offered these days.  Some employers will provide you with fully paid coverage while others can provide generous subsidies on health insurance premiums.  We are seeing these medical benefits extend to immediately family more often these days.  If you are a one income family or have children to support this can be a huge benefit to a new employee.

Unless you are new to the workforce, retirement is probably something in the back of your mind.  Some employers can provide employee benefits packages containing a retirement plan where they kick start your savings or perhaps match the employee’s contribution.  This could also be a government funded benefits plan offered to full time employees depending on the country you are working in.

It’s not uncommon to be employed in a position that can cause stress at times.  In today’s work environments employers are aware of the toll their business can take on their employees and their personal lives.  Wellness programs are becoming more prevalent in today’s corporate workplace.  Often you can be put in touch with counseling services, doctors and psychiatrists to combat stress, illness or problems at work.  These appointments could be paid for or subsidized by your employer.  If a level of fitness is required or beneficial in your position often services like gym memberships or fitness plans can be considered as an employee benefit.

employee benefit programsEmployee discounts and benefits on their company’s products or services are usually an easy way for an employer to contribute to an employee benefit program.  From restaurants and cafes, tourism operators, clothing stores and supermarkets, most of their employees will have access to discounted, if not free goods or services.

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